May 23 2014 Serge Devant at Western Club Odessa, Ukraine Ukraine
Jun 13 2014 Serge Devant at Private Event, Sardinia, Italy Italy
Jun 14 2014 Serge Devant at Sankeys, New York, NY USA
Jun 21 2014 Serge Devant at Liberty Theater, New York, NY USA
Jul 18 2014 Serge Devant at HQ Atlantic City, NJ USA
Aug 09 2014 Serge Devant at HQ Atlantic City, NJ USA
Aug 29 2014 Serge Devant at Freedom Festival Almaty, Kazakhstan Kazakhastan


Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (Serge Devant remix)

Here's my take on the latest Lana Del Rey single "Young And Beautiful." Her soft vocal inspired me to go to a slightly deeper place from my usual stuff, and I loved it. I hope you can take this journey with me. Have a listen, share it with your friends and thanks for your support. Subscribe to this channel to see when this mix becomes available for download. And find me here: www.facebook.com/sergedevant www.Twitter.com/sergedevant www.Youtube.com/sergedevant www.Instagram.com/sergedevant
enjoy this free download

Serge Devant & Rachael Starr – You and Me ( Official Video )

Serge Devant & Rachael Starr — You and me ( Remixes II )

Out now on beatport, "You and me" also features a diverse remix package. Betoko offers up a dose of funky modern disco with a bit of dreamlike enchantment on his remix, while Benny Maze brings the crisp electro-house beats. Moska & Mark M approach "You and me" with anthemic high-energy pulstating builds and a bit of glitch-y grit, where DJ PP gives "You and me" some old-school bouncy flavor. And last but not least, Patrick M crafts electrifying layers of beats for soulful approach, and Federico Scavo reshapes the pulsing tribal beats with a faster-paced approach that can drive the peak-hour of any underground DJ set.




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